Ramgarhia Sabha Reading

A Gurdwara serving the Reading community

Punjabi Classes run by Ramgarhia Sabha Reading Gurdwara

Punjabi classes are held during Term-time, every Friday at Maiden Erleigh School in the Language Block from 6:30 to 7:45 pm. Classes have been running since the 1980s. Amazingly all teaching is carried out by qualified teachers on voluntary basis.

No fee is charged but some contribution towards the costs of books is required. The school does not impart any religious teachings, but stresses on proper conduct and encourages  moral and cultural values in our students.

We expect punctuality and regular attendance from the students.  Parents who are interested to stay on and learn or help out can also discuss this with us.

Lastly, we pride in our high standards, and teach each child up to GCSE level, so that when they sit for their examinations in Punjabi, we want to ensure they attain an A, B or C and nothing below that!

Enquires : (Teachers)

MR GIAN SINGH HUNJAN  Tel: 01189 471188

MRS DEEP HUNJAN             Tel: 01189 471188

MRS SUKHDEV BANSAL    Tel: 01189 616867